Delta Spirit / California

The minute I heard “People C’mon” off of their 2008 album, I nearled fainted with explosive excitement. Delta Spirit is a pleasantly awesome band – they’re like a train steadily making its way across the world with consistency in delivery, progress and reliability. I heart this band.

This song is gorgeous. The quick-step beat, and the instrumental climbs with each verse offer a growing adoration from start to stop. Find them on Facebook here.  Lyrics to this song….awesome:

I want you to move to California for yourself, but not for me.
I want you to go out there and find somebody else,
I want him to treat you like I know he should,
I want you to find somebody new for yourself, if not for me.

all of the feelings that I know you never felt,
and all of the simple words you never said,
I want you to keep them like a secret to yourself, they’re not for me.
I want you to wander silent past my outstretched arms,
I want you to hide yourself from all I see,
and though my heart will fight until its dying breath, you’re not for me.


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One Response to Delta Spirit / California

  1. Brendan says:

    No need to put “hard-to-understand” words. The song lyrics is deep and I can feel the writer’s emotions as he/she wrote it. Never heard of this band yet but now they’re part of my looked-forward to list..

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