For The Special Someone: Jim Croce / Time in a Bottle

She stood for love. Above anything else: love without judgement, end, and without fear/anger/resentment or requirement. She stood for love.

She rescued not only me, but my brothers, sisters, mother, aunts, cousins. She rescued all of us. Years after years. With love.

She asked for nothing in return. She just gave. Guided. Embraced. Helped. Forgave.

Gladys Hannifan Austin. A pint-sized human with a heart larger than the biggest human could have handled carried easily inside of her. I’ve known nobody else like her. I could spend the rest of my life trying to be 1/4 of what she stood for and I’d still never compare. She’s unparalleled in her love, her legacy and her example.

Her tiny fingers used to wedge 8-tracks of Jim Croce into her dusty burgundy 1980’s something Cougar as she’d drive across the farmlands and into town where she’d order a chocolate vanilla swirl frozen yogurt with sprinkles and give me complete freedom for one scoop, two scoops, three scoops…and so on.

She’s been my heart, my path, my star. And, today she’s left me for another life where I have faith she has been met today with an eternal place that will offer her an experience matching the blessings she bestowed on us in her lifetime.

I miss her. I love her. I carry her with me today, yesterday and for the rest of my time here.

Grandma Glady – you lit my light inside of me years ago and because of you it remains, and will remain, burning bright. Thank you.


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