C2C / Down The Road

Whaaaat! What! What is this! Nice work, C2C boys. This is some kind of something. 615944_10152225287150693_1810893260_oUrban-electro-synthy-ZING! A French foursome of awesomeness waiting to be consumed by you.  They’re on Spotify and I recommend getting jiggy with them.
This song is so sexy, so beaty and gritty, I am going to push repeat at least 3 times before pushing repeat 3 more times.

Check them out on Facebook.


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3 Responses to C2C / Down The Road

  1. salomelg says:

    Oh thank you! They’re indispensable in France but need to be known in the rest of the world. Glad you noticed them! Btw thanks for you comment x

  2. You always recommend the best tunes… 😀 Thanks!!~

  3. She Blogs says:

    Thank you and thank you! xx

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