Gotye / Hearts A Mess (in a good way)

A small town girl finds herself living in Europe, against many obstacles and pre-IMG_5995determined future obligations and expectations. On the third story overlooking a canal with, on one hand, a hand open in prayer and gratitude and on the other…a middle finger showing itself to the mountains she had to climb to get there, she glows.

With a year of heartbreak, losses, false starts, thieves, wretched living testaments of life’s cruelty’s … she smiles as they pass her by, unable to touch the light burning inside of her.

In Gotye’s ‘Hearts a Mess’ I find a chord my heart has sung for years but has not only silenced but also used as a fuel to push me into a catalyst of higher living in terms of exposing the most raw, naked form of light that each of us are given but only some of us dare to allow to shine.

As I reflect on 2012, it’s beneath-the-ground experiences and its immaculate drops of pure joy, I say: embace our mess. Our heart. Our burdens and our triumphant times. And, always…always remember to dance in our own light. No matter the pain, the shades of light and dark or the characters who choose…or don’t choose…to dance along.
For those of you who find this a bit too optimistic, I have for you another song.

The rest of us…sleeves rolled up and ready to live our lives in our own way…Enjoy!

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