Beautiful! Ivan & Alyosha / Running For Cover

Harmonic bliss overload. The first listen to Ivan and Alyosha set me off into the I%26Ablueberry clouds of musical ecstasy. They understand simplicity and harmony. Simplicity is so complicated when it comes to any art forms, music not the exception. Sometimes you aim for simplicity – you get a wet washcloth of empty, obtuse, awkward music. Sometimes you get a song as beautiful, simple and kind to the ears and your thoughts and day as this. Simple doesn’t mean it was easy to make something that sounds so ‘right’ as this song does. It’s a way of describing how easy it is to hear, how “of course!” it feels when you first hear the song, the way the vocals blend with the riffs as if they’d always been that way. As if it the song was just born without effort.
Ivan & Alyosha don’t play on Facebook. But you can support them here.


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