Jose James / Desire <3

Happy Valentine’s day to all of you love-sick, love-struck, romance-crazed hearts. I hopejosejameslive1byjanettebeckman you’re smothered in gooshy, smooshy love today.

Jose James is how jazz will get comfy again in the earbuds of the younger generation. Mixing his hip-hop influences in his sexed up, honey-smooth, vocal paradise of jazzy R&B, this man can do no wrong. I’m all hearts for him. Check out his FB here.

And, I’m all hearts for you.


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One Response to Jose James / Desire <3

  1. Tina says:

    I love his love. Just like toasted marshmallows, his voice soothes and warms me up inside when all seems cold outside. ‘Come to my door’ Jose James …..Big love she who blogs about music x

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