El Perro Del Mar / I Was A Boy

I feel like I’m underwater, body parts being gently pulled with the tide, back and forth, 488083_426817190737332_1037943698_nwhile I listen to this song. Man, I can feel the moments I’ve held my breath in the Pacific Ocean, just letting the waves take my body and push it into somersaults, pull it into flips. El Perro Del Mar is literally translated to “the dog of the sea” so that her music elicits underwater memories is neat.

Back to El Perro Del Mar – awesome. Swedish and talented, the woman behind this project, Sarah, has a beautiful range of musical creativity that’s bursting in her songs.
Go swimming on El Perro’s Facebook page. 


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9 Responses to El Perro Del Mar / I Was A Boy

  1. imveryape says:

    Very sweet and light track. Great choice. It actually reminds me of swimming in the Pacific as well.

  2. casperolesen says:

    I love El Perro Del Mar! Do you know their track “Walk On By”? It’s SO good!

  3. casperolesen says:

    Maybe you should check out “Poldoore – In Your Head”. http://sounderful.dk/poldoore-in-your-head/

  4. casperolesen says:

    Thanks! Then I’ll check out “But I do” 🙂

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