James Blake / I Am Sold

Yep. I know. I’m a total sucker for James Blake. He’s as good as the hype around him james blakebuilds him up to be. His fluid, underwater sounding vocals get into your skin and reorganize every molecule inside of you, aligning your body and mind to his smooth dips and bows of every turn his voice makes.
James Blake is as good as it gets. Production. Arrangement. Lyrics. He packs the softest punch out there.
His new album, Overgrown, doesn’t disappoint.
Come slobber over James with me on his Facebook page. 
Here’s a new track for you to dip along with.


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2 Responses to James Blake / I Am Sold

  1. mcorboy says:

    soooo you described what james blake’s music does to me PERFECTLY.

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