Out of Norway: Lemaître / Cut To Black

I’m in the midst of another long stay here in the south of Spain. When I’m here, skydiving,1001540_587087404675677_1419502820_n swimming and curiously discovering, I unfortunately don’t make a lot of time for blogging. But, a good buddy of mine from Norway recently introduced me to Lemaitre while balcony dancing in Amsterdam with me a few weeks back and since then I’ve been enjoying their sounds. Easy, upbeat…just solid music.

So, here’s to you, here’s to Spain and here’s to an enjoyable song. They’re on Facebook. 


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4 Responses to Out of Norway: Lemaître / Cut To Black

  1. Mat says:

    Great catchy tune, thanks for spreading the word 😉

  2. 3jmayo says:

    really good trackk! Chek my blog too if you have time cruelkindnesss.wordpress.com

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  4. I don’t know what is more awesome: this song or your stay in lovely Spain! The tune is nice and pleasant like a sunny day 🙂

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