New! The Head and the Heart / Another Story

There’s something that I can’t completely define that gives an album the feeling of the head and the heartabsolute truth. As in, a truth that will last for years. You know it when you hear it – you realize, ‘This. This is it. This is real music. This will be around for years. This will not fade and this will sound as important and honest in 30 years as it will now.’
The Head and the Heart’s sophomore album is out and man is it the hoped-for evidence that this band is here to stay. After their heart-bursting 2011 debut release, THATH slammed into the headlines and airwaves with a force.
This fresh album has everything I’d hoped for – pivotal vocals, intricate and heavy instrumentals, and harmonies as unique and surprising as to be expected from this Seattle band.
I snagged a copy of this CD (yep, going all vintage) while driving the west coast of California to Washington this month. It was the one cd to accompany me on this 20-hour, 3-day trek. Something about mixing this music with the crashing waves, tides, mountainscapes and unavoidable raw feeling you get from such pure views has burned this album into my top albums of 2013.

Here’s one of my top 3 faves from the album.


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  1. I was lucky enough to be at their first ever gig in the UK. Their stage presence was extraordinary so early on their careers and they had everyone there instantly on their side.

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