Snap, Crackle, HOT DAMN: Blood Orange / Chosen

From his ridiculously perfect album released in 2013, I bring you probably my favorite blood orangetrack (probably), “Chosen.” This song is a night bicycle ride across a rainy Amsterdam’s best companion. Also, a great companion to a very relaxing Sunday.
Blood Orange is on the Facebook. 


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4 Responses to Snap, Crackle, HOT DAMN: Blood Orange / Chosen

  1. madeline says:

    This track is killer. Really enjoyed it. I’ve just started reading your blog regularly and I’ve really liked everything I’ve seen and heard so far. I’ve also just started my own music blog. Any tips for a newbie? Cheers, Maddie

  2. She Blogs says:

    Hi Madeline,
    Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 Thanks for the kind words! My only tip – just get to writing and sharing. It’s an open book, your words and your tastes – no pressure, just write and share what makes you feel good.
    Oh, and then link me, would love to check out!

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