HOT: SOHN / Lessons

Awwwww yes. I downloaded SOHN’s new album (coming out in April, peeps) and damn if SOHNI couldn’t find the best track on there. They’re all heartcrushingly beautiful. All of them. It’s so rare to have an album that rules from start to finish these days. We’re one-off music culture, quickly moving onto the next (Lorde, for example) shiny thing. 

SOHN nails it, hard. Here’s one he graciously posted months back. Keep up with him on Facebook and come April, get yourself this perfect album. 


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2 Responses to HOT: SOHN / Lessons

  1. Elana says:

    Hey! Great blog, thank you for sharing your taste and appreciation for good music. I love SOHN. Can’t wait for his album to pop. Artifice is prob my fave single so far. Have you heard him on any of his live vids? He sings live like it’s a recording: a vocal phenom to be sure!

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