This Song Is Death By Pleasure: Future Islands / Seasons

My super rad friend and Scottish cheese & tractors expert passed along the livefuture islands performance of this song from the David Letterman show and I nearly jumped off my balcony in misplaced euphoria. Note to self: just dance next time.
This track is on repeat and I can’t think of a better way to dive head-first into the weekend than by shimmy this shit out of your floor with Future Islands. Honestly. Give me a break. By the way, they suffer from severe creative perfectionism because every single *&$^#!! track on their 2010 release, On The Water, is gold.
They’re on Facebook.

Enjoy! (And, seriously…check out that video link above. Tell me you don’t want to slither around like a feathered-hair ROCKSTAR).
(Sorry for the link…no embed code here. But, don’t worry your pretty little face…it’s straight to the track.)

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One Response to This Song Is Death By Pleasure: Future Islands / Seasons

  1. Will listen to it when in the car. Thanks for the tip.

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