Phil Beaudreau / Won’t Get Away

Totals digging on Phil’s music. Stumbled into his music somewhere in my crazy imagesspiderweb of music searching late last night. In one of those “how did I get here?” moments where you realize you’ve got 12 pages open on all new artist FB pages, your Spotify playlist history is strangely unexplainable and far too many hours have passed in your tangled music discovery search. Yeah, those moments rule.
Anyway, Phil. He rules, too. Not much about him online but I’ll be featuring an interview with him soon so check back.
For now, he’s on Facebook.

Enjoy this fresh track!

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4 Responses to Phil Beaudreau / Won’t Get Away

  1. tealgrace says:

    I really love reading your posts and exposing myself to some awesome new music. It seems like the hardest part of being a relevant blogger in the music industry is being so up to date about new music/musicians which is hard when there is so much material out there. Where would you suggest starting?

  2. brlhome says:

    Reblogged this on BRL MUSIC and commented:
    phil beaudreau

  3. sophiamoors says:

    nice track buddy. A kiss to your….words

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