So New It Hurts: Ben Howard / End of the Affair (Official Audio)

My babies, this is brand new Ben Howard.

I thought, for a wee moment, that Ben was a simple as, say, a Jack Johnson. Simple 10590699_10152264680582393_6130561285786247710_ndoesn’t please me. Wait, simple pleases me, as long as there are curtains hiding some sort of lyrical depth. But, simple simple? That makes me cry a little inside.

Ben Howard, no matter how commercial he is, has some pretty heavy, storytelling lyrics that are alright with me. So, for the Ben Howard fans amongst us, the man has a new album and it’s just over a month away from being released. To tease your appetite until then, here’s a youtube post from a forthcoming single. It’s nice. It’s spacey and around 4:55 it kicks into a higher gear and out comes Ben’s fist pump-worthy background vocal shriek/singing. Dig.


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One Response to So New It Hurts: Ben Howard / End of the Affair (Official Audio)

  1. Kathymuir says:

    I think this is a cracking song. The space between the notes is just as evocative.

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