From the indie submissions: YOUNG BROTHER / Kamikaze

Yeah! In preparation for a little pain in my ears as happens once in a while when I go through my unknown indie submissions, I turned down the volume and pressed play. It 10690274_301285483401819_8274192199462408240_ndidn’t take too long before I was jacking that volume button up and doing a little head rocking, chair grooving. I’m on my third repeat of this song.
Let me note that I know nothing about the artist, other than their intro email to me was ideal (short, sweet and to the point) and they’ve made a song that has a few twists that are surprising. Who produced this, guys? This song is really tight…it’s ready to go. Damn fine music right here.
I found their FB page. 
Have a listen, tell me what you think – do you dig this song as much as I do?

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4 Responses to From the indie submissions: YOUNG BROTHER / Kamikaze

  1. Really interesting mix of stuff going on here, it sounds like a great radio single too!

  2. estellehakner says:

    I love your work. Please keep posting!x

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