Synthly Awesome: Jasia / Inverbatim

So, it’s spring in Amsterdam and that means EVERYTHING IS AMAZING! Because when 10646699_353420544818072_4046789265927652851_nthe sunshine hits this city, suddenly the Dutch crawl out of their typically walled-up phase and start smiling and dancing around the streets in total joy and everything is immediately awesome in this little village.
I just stumbled on Jasia today and this song is accompanying the breeze blowing off the canal, through the tree beside my window and into my office. So, overall, today is winning. Even for a Monday.
Jasia is classically trained in vocals, violins and guitars, which sounds damn sexy. Couple that with him being born in Jamaica, raised in the US and now living in Australia and we get a young artist who has not just an interesting story but also a rad sound. Nice one, Jasia!
Jasia is here.

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One Response to Synthly Awesome: Jasia / Inverbatim

  1. Wow! I love Jasia’s sound! Thanks for putting his music up so people like me can discover him! It really gives me a certain calm when I hear this song.

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