Ruling! Flyte / Light Me Up

I snagged this suggestion from a friend today. It’s such a fun track, I’m digging it. I feel like I could pop this into my headphones and walk around a city for hours. Real sweet. I’m definitely checking out more from this delicious band.
Flyte is on Facebook.
Enjoy the vid!

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From the indie submissions: YOUNG BROTHER / Kamikaze

Yeah! In preparation for a little pain in my ears as happens once in a while when I go through my unknown indie submissions, I turned down the volume and pressed play. It 10690274_301285483401819_8274192199462408240_ndidn’t take too long before I was jacking that volume button up and doing a little head rocking, chair grooving. I’m on my third repeat of this song.
Let me note that I know nothing about the artist, other than their intro email to me was ideal (short, sweet and to the point) and they’ve made a song that has a few twists that are surprising. Who produced this, guys? This song is really tight…it’s ready to go. Damn fine music right here.
I found their FB page. 
Have a listen, tell me what you think – do you dig this song as much as I do?

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You’ve got to hear: Nothing But Thieves / Graveyard Whistle

If this is indie pop with a boy-band’ish quality, then sign me up as a massive fan of indie pop with a boy-band’ish quality. This song is so perfectly arranged, with vocals that swell,10479732_659891574084904_8377449102710951514_n rise and harmonize magically and always on time. The UK band has released an EP this year and it’s begging for your love and affection, which won’t be difficult to give as they really have an undeniable talent and charm. Here’s a live track that’s ridiculously vocal perfection.


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Loving This! Josef Salvat / Open Season

Josef Salvat is one of those artists that suddenly bursts into your airwaves and you think “Where have you been!” And you think “Shit, yeah…this RULES!” And you think “More. I

Josef Salvat

Josef Salvat

need more. So much more.”
And you probably think lots of other things as well, but mostly, you need more. So, Josef recently released his debut EP ‘In Your Prime’ which is calculated cool. Organized musical joyful crime. A holdup of arresting sounds. His levels of cool should be fined.
Have I sold you? Have a listen. Also, he’s on Facebook.

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Yum: Sir Sly / Afterlife (Arcade Fire Cover)

In just a few days (September 16th to be exact), Sir Sly is going to release their debut album, You Haunt Me.
Which means, you get the joy of a new album jam packed with some thick electric indie sir sly groove and that’s a reason to open up a bottle of something, turn up your volume, sit back and let the music play on. New albums are like a ceremonial celebration for me. If only we had all the time to open each new album, flip through the liner notes, obsess over every photo included and try to memorize each lyric with fervent enthusiasm.
Anyway, until that moment, here’s a sick little cover of Arcade Fire.

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So New It Hurts: Ben Howard / End of the Affair (Official Audio)

My babies, this is brand new Ben Howard.

I thought, for a wee moment, that Ben was a simple as, say, a Jack Johnson. Simple 10590699_10152264680582393_6130561285786247710_ndoesn’t please me. Wait, simple pleases me, as long as there are curtains hiding some sort of lyrical depth. But, simple simple? That makes me cry a little inside.

Ben Howard, no matter how commercial he is, has some pretty heavy, storytelling lyrics that are alright with me. So, for the Ben Howard fans amongst us, the man has a new album and it’s just over a month away from being released. To tease your appetite until then, here’s a youtube post from a forthcoming single. It’s nice. It’s spacey and around 4:55 it kicks into a higher gear and out comes Ben’s fist pump-worthy background vocal shriek/singing. Dig.


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Summer Love! Maxi Priest / Easy To Love

Good vibes are FLOWING in this slippery, light, reggae track from Maxi Priest’s latest maxi priestalbum, Easy To Love.

Have a listen. If you find yourself swaying and smiling, it’s alright, you’re not alone. ;)

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