Eurosonic Artist To Watch: Kaleo / All The Pretty Girls

This week we’ll be taking a look at some of the artists to catch up with if you’re heading to 945622_151074778418965_968070889_nthe Eurosonic Festival. My colleague and I are going to be heavily hunting some great new acts at what I’ve heard is Europe’s fierce music festival.

Today we have Kaleo, a new’ish band from Iceland with a melodic indie tune that’s perfect for a Monday. Follow them on Facebook and have a listen below.


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This…Rules: The Avener / Fade Out Lines

Oh, hot damn. I went through a few months at the close at last year where I was in a 1506024_1564502560431555_1326164851728575765_nmusical slump dump. I wasn’t feeling inspired to hear new music, I was busy and music exploration seemed like something else to add to my long list of things to cross of, so I stuck with my tried and true playlists and thus, didn’t blog much.

Anyway, call it the new year excitement or just that no matter which direction I turn, I’m falling all over really killer music. And, loving it, of course.

The Avener is a French DJ who knows how to blend up some really sexy, danceable sounds. His first album hits the interwebs and shelves on the 19th. Radness. Check him out on Facebook to keep up with his magic.

Enjoy this ish!

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Ghostpoet / Off Peak Dreams

It’s been a long minute since Ghostpoet’s last album, ‘Some Say I So I Say Light’ but today ghotstpoet_press_2013_1200x800_01I hear he’s putting out a new album, ‘Shedding Skin’, later this year. In the meantime, this track is here for your listening pleasure. Set to be released as a single in February, you get a first listen on the interwebs. After hearing this song a few times, I’m hungry for the rest. Follow Ghostpoet on FB.


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So, so good: Bilderbuch / Spliff

Bilderbuch is on my latest playlist for good vibes. From Austria, with cool, singing in 10404856_10152391435588414_7380721731247954790_nGerman and apparently putting on hella cool live shows, this band is up to some good stuff for 2015. They’re playing Eurosonic in January – catch them if you can. Otherwise, check out their FB for updates and get ready to sway and fist pump to this song.


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Must Listen: Osca / Blood

Osca has very little online about the band + what we can expect. There does happen to be 10553627_263145330542597_3101042006302585778_none really great thing out there…this song.
If you want to do some digging around on the band, start with their Facebook page and give it a like.

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What the F! Women in Chains / Hessdalen Lights

I’m working with a guy who happens to make really, really good stuff. I might ask him to add about 5 more minutes to this track. It’s SO DAMN GOOD. Come on. There shouldn’t be so much bounce so early in the day.
Wait, yes there should be.


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Brand Spanking New: Gang of Youths / Benevolence Riots

Keeping it quick, but let’s just say that I’m super pumped for Gang of Youths to release that pretty little album in 2015. Not much longer to wait, and this super fresh, super new 10628260_769570773110159_6328000056415708447_nsingle should keep you happy until the album is out.
They are on FB, show some love. 

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